A couple of decades before the French Revolution, an unidentified animal killed hundreds of people, mostly women and children, in Gévaudan, a remote part of France. Here is the story of the beast.
I wanted to let you know that I have started the process of converting some of Parlons France posts into videos (both in English and French). I am using…
"Les Champs-Elysées" (song)
"Bûche de Noël": The Yule Log Cake, Midnight Mass: before the feast, Christmas Eve Dinner: the "Réveillon", "Joyeux Noël": the movie.
Louis Vuitton: behind the monogram, Scopitone: the music video forerunner, Cultural Heritage: Locronan
Les Curie: une famille aux 4 Prix Nobel, Le Bibendum Michelin, La Moutarde de Dijon: plus canadienne que bourguignonne!
The Curies: 1 Family 4 Nobel Prizes!, The Michelin Man: better known in France as “Le Bibendum”, Dijon Mustard: more Canadian than Burgundian!
Pourquoi Paris s’appelle Paris ? La Veuve Clicquot: la pionnière des femmes d’affaires. Quand la dictée était un passe-temps!
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